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Want to save on a shipping load of money?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
24 April, 2017

Have you ever needed a large amount of bubble wrap only to be told that due to the size of the rolls its going to cost you an extraordinary amount of money to get it shipped? We can fix that for you.

The NewAir IB Express system is a compact desktop machine that can produce up 16.5 meters per minute of bubble wrap with a width of either 400mm or 800mm depending on the film you choose. It can save you an incredible amount of money in shipping costs, not to mention the storage space required to hold it. So any investment in this system is well worth the cost and space savings.
With this system you are easily able to customise your output with a variety of film choices available. 

Film Choices include:

  • All Bubble Film is available in either 400mm width or 800mm width
  • 10mm bubble width and height
  • 20mm bubble width and height
  • Premium White Bubble - weight bearing medium duty 13mm bubble
  • Regular Black Bubble - weight bearing 19mm bubble
  • Super Heavy Duty 43mm bubble width and 25mm height (800mm width only)
  • Anti Static 25mm bubble width and height

Get Packed can supply the NewAir IB Express System on its own or with a stand and winder as extras. Call us to discuss what film would best suit your needs and how we can make it work for you.

Remember - the $20,000 accelerated depreciation/Tax Rebate for small business ends this financial year. Take advantage of it now.

Save Space with the NewAir IB Express Packaging System