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Warehouse & Inventory Control Software

Supplier: NetSuite

NetSuite's inventory and warehouse management software allows you to consolidate your inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse inventory control solution.

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With NetSuite's inventory control software, you can efficiently manage every stage of the product lifecycle, as well as your different lines of business. You'll be able to reduce inventory levels and get stronger control of inventory operations.

And because NetSuite's inventory and warehouse management software is completely integrated with NetSuite's financials and CRM capabilities, you get complete visibility into all demand and supply measurements across your entire corporation, helping you run a leaner business with higher levels of customer satisfaction.


  • Gain visibility into key supply and demand measurements with role-based dashboards and reports
  • More effectively fulfill orders with complete bin management and cross-location visibility
  • Accurately track and report costs by easily calculating landed cost
  • Get control over inventory replenishment so that you can minimize excess stock and fulfill orders on time
  • Maximize efficiency with NetSuite's complete integration of the inventory management process with financials and CRM.


Real-Time Inventory Visibility

  • Provide role-based dashboards and reports that give you real-time visibility into key inventory, demand and supply measurements, such as inventory trends, on-time delivery, shipping costs and more
  • Enable employees to pick and fulfill orders faster and more efficiently, with complete bin management support that enables the use of bins to track the exact location of items in stock
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations by choosing the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill an order
  • View information about your total inventory on hand across locations, or drill into inventory detail at specific locations.

Inventory Cost Management

  • More accurately calculate costs—and ultimately, profit—by automatically calculating landed cost and factoring in expenses like shipping or duty
  • Allocate expenses to inventory receipts according to weight, value or quantity
  • Assign allocated costs to an item's asset value while ensuring that landed cost is used as the basis for cost of goods sold
  • Generate real-time, true inventory profitability reports that directly compare revenue to landed cost rather than material cost.

Product Margin Management

  • Gain pricing flexibility by assigning different prices to different types of customers and different channels such as wholesale, retail or online sales
  • Automatically assign the correct currency, rate and price to an order or invoice for foreign customers.

Strong Inventory Control Capabilities

  • Gain control over inventory replenishment by ensuring that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders while keeping excess stock to a minimum
  • Re-order necessary inventory items quickly and easily, and maintain a preferred stock level with reorder points based on average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand and number of days' supply
  • Identify item combinations more quickly with support for matrix items, and maintain different values for items, such as pricing, inventory status and description
  • Manage multiple units of measure for selling, buying and costing each item across all channels
  • Maintain a complete history of each lot number throughout a given product's life cycle, assign an expiration date to each lot number, and attach notes
  • Track the specific cost for each lot as products are bought and sold; enter lot numbers when building or receiving a lot into inventory, as well as when fulfilling orders for a lot item
  • Set up instant notifications to let you know when an item you're fulfilling is about to expire
  • View the entire history of a lot as it moves through your system with transaction search functionality, making recall warnings extremely easy to handle.

Integrated and Streamlined Inventory Process

  • Create a completely integrated and easily traceable business process from quote to order, fulfillment and receivables
  • Eliminate errors and time-consuming manual processes by centralizing product, customer and vendor records across all functions
  • Improve collaboration with vendors with a web-based vendor portal that enables them to easily view orders and update shipping information.

Additional Features of NetSuite Inventory Control Software Include:

  • Inventory commitment
  • Inventory bulk ordering
  • Special orders
  • Serialized inventory
  • Assemblies and kits
  • Inventory profitability analysis
  • Support for non-serialized items
  • Graphical views of inventory levels
  • Barcode printing
  • Price protection
  • Lot tracking
  • Support for matrix items and item images
  • Item upgrades/downgrades
  • Multi-level categories
  • Item code aliases, profiling and grouping
  • Warehouse management
  • Audit trail for inventory adjustments
  • Stock transfers.