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Warewashing Australia

Warewashing Australia | Glasswashing & Dishwashing Equipment Providers

Warewashing Australia

Warewashing Australia, in conjunction with Sammic Equipment, provides you with great, practical and economic solutions to all your Glasswashing and Dishwashing needs while minimizing your water usage.

The Warewashing Australia consultants have over 50 years experience in the Warewashing Industry. They will use their experience to make sure that you, the customer, are provided with the right machine at the best price.

You will benefit from further financial savings by considerably reducing your annual water consumption and experience the good feeling of helping to save water and protecting our fragile environment!

All Sammic Equipment dishwashing and glasswashing machines are designed with the environment in mind using the latest, most effective water saving technology.

At the same time, Sammic Equipment machines retain a really effective washing action taking into account optimal space usage and highest cleaning quality.

At Warewashing Australia, you are offered superior quality ware washing equipment born from researching the performance of all other similar equipment available within the Australian Market.

When you purchase a Commercial Glasswasher or Dishwasher from us, you purchase a product of highest quality including after sales support on a national basis.

This is backed by a full range of spare parts (warranty work to be carried out by authorized service agents only). Operational advice is always available by telephone or by email 7 days per week.

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All Commercial Dishwashers and Glasswashers we offer at Warewashing Australia bring highest cleaning quality at minimum water usage.

Experience our professional washing and cleaning equipment for your kitchen or restaurant; catering and general hospitality needs

Are you looking for the best price on a high quality dishwasher or glasswasher for your commercial kitchen

With our competitive price on all our exceptional dishwashers, glasswashers, catering and hospitality equipment; you can be sure to save money and get a product that exceeds your expectations.

Whether you own a restaurant, café, hotel or take-away shop; you run a food hall, club, pub, nursing home or hospital kitchen, or whether you are a general caterer looking for a competitively priced highest-quality glass washer or dish washer with minimum water usage, we will tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, we understand your need for dishwashing and glasswashing technology that will not let you down.

Talk to us about your needs – we will be happy to work with you towards the ideal solution for your specific circumstances

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