Warning issued to check the ID of WorkSafe inspectors

07 April, 2009

WorkSafe has issued a warning to businesses to carefully check the identification of anyone claiming to be a WorkSafe inspector.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Nina Lyhne has said that the warning follows the discovery last week of a man visiting businesses and leaving employers with the impression that he was from WorkSafe.

“WorkSafe’s call centre was contacted last week by an employer who was confused by advice received from the man, whom he believed was representing WorkSafe,” Lyhne said.

“Over recent years we’ve been made aware of several instances of people who appear to be representing WorkSafe visiting workplaces and informing businesses that they need to take certain actions.

“In the latest instance, the man’s business name contained the word ‘WorkSafe’, so business owners could easily have mistakenly assumed that he represented this agency.

“Apparently, he was informing the businesses that WorkSafe required all electrical equipment to be tested and tagged, and was offering to perform that service at a cost per item.

“I urge anyone in a workplace to ensure that people claiming to be from WorkSafe are genuine.

“All WorkSafe inspectors carry an Inspectors’ Authority Card, and this should be carefully checked by anyone approached by a person claiming to be a WorkSafe inspector.

“Our inspectors do not offer services for payment, nor do they issue on-the-spot fines or anything else requiring immediate payment.”