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Warps International | Wireless Automated Response Positioning System

Warps International

WARPS is a unique method for determining and transmitting the identity and location of remote vehicles over existing two-way radio networks, whenever the microphone press-to-talk button is used.

WARPS includes a GPS receiver, control unit and radio transceiver interface housed in a small rugged box that enables remote in-vehicle units to use existing radio networks to automatically transmit their identity and location to fixed base stations or mobile command units which are linked to a desktop PC or latop or handheld computer. All information received is displayed on the computer screen using standard mapping software, and can be projected for wider display using standard computer peripherals.

WARPS was designed specifically for rural fire fighters, but lends itself to a variety of applications and any type of vehicle on land, sea or air. It has applications for emergency services or public safety organisations such as coastguards, by airport (vehicular) ground traffic controllers, rail or road freight companies, and by mining and exploration corporations.

WARPS technology is protected by a worldwide provisional patent.

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