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Wash Reclaim System Operating Costs

Supplier: Ultraspin

One of the principle objectives of a car wash water reclaim systems is to save the owner money

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Wash Reclaim System Operating Costs

One of the principle objectives of a car wash water reclaim systems is to save the owner money.When examining cost savings it is very important to consider all costs.

A detailed analysis of the full operating or ownership costs for many traditional reclaim systems show that they do not save the operator money! A full analysis of cost must include:

Capital Costs

  • Cost of the water reclaim system
  • Plant room adjustments: Some reclaim systems are very large and require extensions and modifications to wash plant rooms, this costs
  • Water Authority charges: Some government authorities will give clients a rebate or discount on water charges if they install a reclaim system.
  • Sludge pits adjustments: Not all water reclaim systems need large expensive pits. With the Ultraspin system, owners can use small pits. This results in a large capital cost saving.

Operating Costs

  • Reclaim system operating costs.
  • Routine service and maintenance.
  • Breakdown service.
  • Consumables : chemicals, bag filters, replacement sand, media etc.
  • Operator attention required.
  • Sludge pit pump out costs : You might be surprised to see this. Not all systems have the same pit size requirements. There are considerable savings with the Ultraspin system as it uses smaller pits that lead to more concentrated sludge at pump-out time.
  • Water supply charges: Owners of traditional reclaim system are often surprised when they learn that the system they purchased does not save a s much water as expected. This is often due to poor reclaim system reliability. In other words the reclaim system is spending too much time off line not operating.
  • Vehicle Wash: Extra costs associated with maintaining the car wash if the reclaim water is not up to specification. Does your reclaim vendor provide a fully detailed water quality specification

Installation Cost

  • Water reclaim system installation.
  • Pit installation: Smaller is better.
  • Plant room.

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