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Wash Water Reclaim

Supplier: Ultraspin

Ultraspin water reclaim system provides high quality reclaim water for all types of vehicle wash system.

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Vehicle Wash Reclaim

Ultraspin water reclaim system provides high quality reclaim water for all types of vehicle wash system. The Ultraspin water reuse system frees operators from the installation, maintenance and cost problems of the water reuse systems of the past.

Our water reclaim system is based on our innovative combination of hydrocyclone technology and air floatation. It delivers the high quality - low cost reclaim water necessary to operate today’s vehicle wash systems.

Ultraspin car wash water reclaim systems have won awards from our customers - including large international corporations.

Typical Wash Water Reclaim Installations

Follow this link to see some examples of installed Ultraspin wash water reclaim systems.

How Does It Work?

Follow the heading link to learn about how the Ultraspin process works.

Wash Water Reclaim Specifications

Ultraspin has three standard sizes of vehicle wash reclaim system; go to this link to find out more.

Does it save Money?

Many water reclaim systems claim to save the owner money - but then fail to deliver on this promise. Ultraspin systems are different! This page contains details of how to determine the real savings.

It shows an example of significant cost savings that were achieved when a major international oil company who installed a number of Ultraspin systems.

Ozone for Biological Control and Oil Removal?

Ultraspin includes Ozone treatment of the water as an option for biological control. Ozone does this job very effectively.

Some reclaim vendors claim that oil & grease concentrations can be reduced when using ozone. Is this true? Does ozone reduce oil and grease concentrations?

We have conducted our own trials to determine the efficiency of ozone in reducing the oil concentration of an oily water mixture.

We injected ozone into a small volume of oily water at a rate of 20 g/h. This concentration of ozone is higher that most commercially available ozone systems. We continued injecting and circulating the water for 45 mins.

The result? Almost no change in oil concentration! It only went down by 15%. Chemical reaction calculations show that it would take 90 hours to destroy all oil under perfect conditions assuming complete mixing and complete uptake of ozone in water.

In other words Ozone is not very good at reducing oil and grease concentrations.

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