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Waste Management Bin Pick-up and Tracking Solution

Supplier: Peacock Bros.

Peacock Bros. and Software Integrators have joined forces to produce a real-time waste management solution for truck fleets working on government waste management contracts.

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The solution first developed for waste collection contractor J R Richards & Sons, includes real-time monitoring of every trucks position, instant recording of waste bin pickups and a full history of the trucks activities during the day, including trips to the tip for unloading, breaks, and time spent travelling versus time spent collecting.

Councils today expect full operational visibility of when bins have been picked up and accountability for when a customer calls to say they haven't received their service - the joint solution from Peacock Bros. and Software Integrators does all this and more. By installing a low cost GPRS device and bin pick up sensor onto a waste collection truck, and then connecting it live to Software Integrators EcoSoft GPS Tracking solution, the vehicles are monitored every second and activities such as bin pickups are recorded including the time the event occurred, how many bins were picked up and which truck completed the task.

In remote areas where mobile wireless networks are intermittent, an extra extra functionality of "record and push" was developed where the GPRS unit will continue to record all the activity information and update the server as soon as a remote connection is re-established. This feature allows any council or council contractor to employ this system no matter where they are located geographically.

The EcoSoft GPS Tracking software resides on a web hosted server rather than a local by the customer, dramatically reducing the costs involved in connecting new users, software upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. Any PC can simply access the system via an internet connection, giving the user full control and visibility of the truck fleet.

Additional features of the solution include:

  • Graphical visibility of each vehicle in real time
  • Instant recording of extra bin pickups at locations
  • Position, speed and direction of any vehicle at any point in time
  • Automatic recording of vehicle stoppages and breaks
  • Ability to identify unauthorised vehicle usage
  • Flexible data extraction and reporting tools for vehicle speeds, locations, actions, etc
  • Operates perfectly for fleets of one to thousands of vehicles
  • Secure User Login Access and Password Control

The solution can be expanded to allow customers to call in and find out when their bin is to be collected or accurately resolve customer enquires where there is a claim that their bin was not collected, came too early or the bin was not placed into position at the pre designated time, etc. In addition there is a further option available that assists drivers by allowing them to simply follow a computer generated route either via a list or via a GPS map on a screen - perfect for companies that employ part time and casual staff. Fleet operators can also monitor the time taken at rubbish tips, time the vehicle has been stationery and the speeds the vehicle have been driven at, allowing for more informed fleet operations management decisions and control.

"With over six months passing since installation of the first unit, we are exceptionally pleased with the performance and results. JR Richards & Sons now have over 25 units in place and as the benefits of utilising such a system are realised we are continuing to expand our deployment." Says Robert Marlow Associate Director for JR Richards & Sons, "We also make special mention of the level of support from the suppliers and Peacock Brothers. The staff have been exceptional in their behind the scenes programming and development required to make this project a success."

This solution will improve driver and operational efficiency and save on internal labour costs all with minimal outlay that is easily recovered with a short ROI turnaround. Because the system resides on a web server there is no internal IT cost outlays, you simply rent the solution via a low per-vehicle payment structure removing the need for hard to get Cap-ex budgets.

Peacock Bros. can install the GPRS and sensor hardware onto any waste collection vehicle regardless of model or size and can be deployed incrementally as per J R Richards who initially started this solution on 5 trucks now has 25 and looking to deploy for its entire fleet of 260 in stages.