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Waste Water Reuse

Supplier: GMI Water Solutions

Besides bringing countless numbers of undeniable benefits, technological development has also brought about a few serious problems, of which the availability of natural resources is certainly one of the most obvious.

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Opportunities and respect for the environment
Companies wishing to promote waste water recovery today—have an exceptional opportunity for development, for themselves and the environment: by submitting a project to the competent Ministry, they could be eligible for EU funding.

These companies are comforted also by the knowledge that they are supporting a more modern, civilised approach in full respect of the environment and its resources.

Until a few decades ago, water was thought of as a practically unlimited, virtually free resource; today it is clear that we were wrong.

The quality of both underground and surface water sources has been severely jeopardised, while the quantity of water available is already insufficient for current requirements, let alone for those expected in the future.

The situation must therefore be tackled with all the means available, while implementing articulated corrective policies involving:

  • Anti waste measures
  • Anti pollution measures
  • Reuse of resources