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Wastewater Online Analysers for Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Supplier: Aquagas
05 September, 2017

AquaGas installs and commissions water quality monitoring stations for Sydney’s greater remediation project.

After having successfully completed the commissioning of the first set of systems supplied (Four CEMS NMHC), our client, South Pacific market leader for the containment and filtration of hydrocarbons (sheen, gasoline, diesel and oils), entrusted AquaGas Pty Ltd with the supply, installation and commissioning of three water quality monitoring stations for their Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Two of the three stations are designed for raw water (elevated contamination load and complex sample matrix) and provide plant operators with fast and accurate NTU, NH4+, TOC and EC online monitoring. Crucial to the plant operations, the TOPAZ NH4+ analyser from SERES features fast loop and tangential filtration, as well as automatic cell cleaning sequences associated with an enhanced ISE analytical method. TOC and  NTU are measured by spectrometry.

The third station featuring state of the art TOC Evolution, Online Photometer TOPAZ for NH4+ and Turbilight II Nephelometer (NTU) from SERES enables monitoring ultra low level of TOC, NH4+, NTU and EC at the site discharge point.

We are delighted to play a role even more significant in this project which givES us the opportunity to confirm AquaGas Pty Ltd commitment to provide turnkey monitoring solutions tailored to today’s industrial needs.