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Water Purification - Water Circulators

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The Solar Bee utilizes patented near laminar flow technology, to provide high-flow long-distance circulation that can improve water quality in almost any size surface water body such as: freshwater lakes and reservoirs, potable tanks and reservoirs and wastewater ponds and lagoons.

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Potable / Finished Water Storage Benefits

  • Reduces loss of residual chlorine or chloramine
  • Prevents thermal stratification and long water age
  • Reduces nitrification and high heterotrophic plate counts
  • Reduces excessive ice buildup in cold climates
  • Good for all sizes of tanks and reservoirs > 0.1MG
  • Fits through hatches 24" diameter and larger
  • Minimal if any, infrastructure changes, factory installation

Freshwater Benefits

  • Can be deployed to treat the epilimnion and/or hypolimnion
  • Controls harmful blue-green algae blooms
  • Eliminate taste and odor problems in drinking water
  • Improves aesthetics, water clarity and biodiversity
  • Improves fish habitats and eliminates fish kills
  • Reduces release of Mn, Fe, H2S and P from lake sediments
  • Improves dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH levels
  • Reduces invasive aquatic weed growth
  • Good for lakes and reservoirs of any size

Wastewater Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption in partial and total mix systems
  • Improves performance of facultative pond systems
  • Improves BOD, TSS and ammonia reduction
  • Controls odors (odor capping systems available)
  • Improves sludge digestion and reduces the need for dredging
  • Reduces short-circuiting and fecal coliform counts