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Water Refilling Station Automatic System

Supplier: ICP DAS Co., Ltd

Nowadays, people are eager for seeking the reliable clean water for the use in their daily life.

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This basic requirement results in the great numbers of demand for water refilling stations. 

In order to effectively monitor and manage those equipments the station manager adopts GT-530, an intelligent SMS alarming controller, to monitor the machine's operation.  GT-530 not only has the burglar-proof system, but also equips with the counter function to help the manager understand their daily business volume and transaction precisely by SMS.  

In addition, GT-530 can immediately and automatically reports to the manager when and where some accidents happened by SMS as well. Therefore, GT-530 is definitely the wonderful solution for saving labor forces and realizing smart control to more and more water refilling stations and other vending machines.
System Features:
  a.Business condition timing report
  b.Water dificit alarm/Entrance guard management
  c.Li Battery Backup 
  d.Alarm receiver signal to multi-group relevant or security personnel.
System required:
  a.The main controller in every water refilling station: GT-530
  b.Management center: PC+ GTM-201-RS232 GPRS/GSM modem
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