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Water Samplers - Sigma 900 Series

Supplier: Envirorent

A water sampler is a tool that allows you to prove or verify regulatory compliance and is your primary source of information about the character of a discharge or receiving body of water.

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Sound control measures are based upon the right information. The Sigma 900 series samplers are the best water samplers you can buy, and should be part of any proactive water quality measurement system.

Repeatable sample volume at a timed interval or after a predetermined volume of flow, the Sigma 900 series samplers provide the simple operation and reliability that you depend on.

Sampling for regulatory compliance, monitoring or combined sewer overflows, storm water outfalls, biomonitoring and water quality research may demand a sampler with greater sophistication and capability.

  • Battery or A/C Powered.
  • Single or Multiple Bottles.
  • Highest Sample Integrity for data you can count on.
  • Simple to Understand, Efficient to Use.
  • Small and Lightweight, handling is made easy.
  • Built to last with rugged construction and a sealed controller.

Ideal for:

  • NPDES Storm Water Compliance.
  • Pretreatment Compliance.
  • Storm Water Runoff Monitoring.
  • CSO (combined sewer overflow) Monitoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • Biomonitoring
  • Water Quality Research

Model 900 Portable Sampler Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Compact Base - Diameter 17-3/8" (44.1 cm), Height 24" (61 cm).
    • Standard Base - Diameter 19-7/8" (50.1 cm), Height 27-3/16" (69.4 cm).
  • Sample Pump: High speed peristaltic, dual roller, with 3/8" (.95 cm) ID by 5/8" (1.6 cm) OD pump tube.
  • Pump Body: High impact, corrosion resistant, glass reinforced Delrin*.
  • Vertical Lift: 27 ft. (8.2 m) maximum (note: Remote Pump Option recommended for lifts from 22 ft. (6.7 m) to 35 ft. (10.7 m).
  • Sample Transport Velocity: 2 ft./sec. (.6 m/sec.) minimum at 15 ft. (4.6 m) vertical lift in a 3/8" (.95 cm) ID intake tube.
  • Pump Flow Rate: 60 ml/sec at 3 ft. vertical lift in a 3/8" (.95 cm) ID intake tube.
  • Liquid Sensor: Single sensor, non-contact.
  • Sample Volume: Programmed in milliliters, in one ml increments from 10 to 9,999 ml.
  • Sample Volume Repeatability: ┬▒5% typical.
  • Sampling Modes:
    • Multiple Bottle Time,
    • Multiple Bottle Flow,
    • Composite Time,
    • Composite Flow,
    • Flow with Time Override,
    • Variable Interval,
    • Start/Stop,
    • Level Actuation.
  • Interval Between Samples: Selectable in single increments from 1 to 9,999 flow pulses (momentary contact closure 25 msec. or 5-12 VDC pulse; 4-20 mA interface optional), or 1 to 9,999 minutes in one minute increments.
  • Multiplex: Multiple Bottle Mode: multiple samples per bottle and/or multiple bottles per sample collection.
  • Intake Purge: Air purged automatically before and after each sample; duration automatically compensated for varying intake line lengths.
  • Pump/Controller Housing: High impact injection molded ABS; submersible, watertight, dust tight, corrosion & ice resistant; NEMA 4X,6.
  • Control Panel: 18 key membrane switch keypad; 24 character alphanumeric liquid crystal display.
  • Internal Clock: Indicates real time and date; 0.007% time base accuracy.
  • Diagnostics: Tests RAM, ROM, pump, and distributor.
  • Program Delay: Sampler start at time of day or delay in minutes.
  • Manual Sample: Initiates a sample collection independent of program in progress.
  • Intake Rinse: Intake line automatically rinsed with source liquid prior to each sample, from 1 to 3 rinses.
  • Intake Fault: Sample collection cycle automatically repeated from 1 to 3 times if sample not obtained on initial attempt.
  • Multiple Programs: Stores up to five sampling programs.
  • Cascade: Allows using two samplers in combination where the first sampler at the completion of the program initiates the second.
  • Data Logging: Records program start time and date, stores up to 400 sample collection times/dates, all program entries, operational status including number of minutes or pulses to next sample, bottle number, number of samples collected, number remaining, sample volume collected, volume remaining, sample identification number.
  • Status Output:
    • Low main battery,
    • Low memory power
    • Plugged intake
    • Jammed distributor arm
    • Sample collected
    • Purge failure.
  • Automatic Shutdown:
  • Multiple Bottle Mode: After complete revolution of distributor arm (unless Continuous Mode selected).
  • Composite Mode: After preset number of samples have been delivered to composite container, from 1-999 samples, or upon full container.
  • Program Lock: Access code protection precludes tampering.
  • Intake Tubing: 3/8" ID vinyl.1/4" ID vinyl.3/8" ID Teflon and polyethylene.
  • Intake Strainer: Teflon┬« and 316 stainless construction.All 316 stainless steel in standard size and low profile for shallow depth applications.
  • Sampler Case: High impact ABS, 3 section construction; double walled insulated base.
  • Power Requirements: 12 VDC (supplied by 12 VDC battery or AC adapter).
  • Optional AC Power Backup: Rechargeable 6 Amp-hour gel lead acid battery takes over automatically with AC line power failure. Integral trickle charger maintains battery at full charge.
  • Internal Battery: 5 year lithium battery maintains program settings and real time clock.

Note: Sample bottles and intake tubing are classified as consumable and as such are purchased and retained by user.

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