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Water Tank Accessories | Rainharvesting

Supplier: gmTANKS

gmTANKS recommends Rainharvesting Water Tank Accessories for superior performance.

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Rainharvesting Water Tank Accessories:

  • Rainwater Filter
    • Fit a purpose designed rainwater filter to help reduce residual sediment, colour and odour.
  • Screen filters
    • Fitted at the tank entry point to keep light, mosquitoes and pests out.
  • Pump Covers
    • Provide weather proofing for your pump system.
  • Rain Heads
    • The fitting of a rain head to down pipes will prevent obstruction of water flow from leaves and debris and help keep mosquitoes out of the system.
  • Insect Proof Screens and Flap Valves
    • Should be fitted to all pipes to restrict mosquitoes, insects and vermin.
  • Gutter Mesh
    • Will prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters and downpipes.
  • Air Gap Device
    • Fitted to overflow pipes will prevent storm water backflow.
  • Tank Vacuum Systems
    • Can help prevent sediment build up by drawing overflow from the bottom of the tank rather than from the top. This can also enhance water circulation.
  • Gate Valves
    • Can be fitted to pipe work to allow the water flow to be shut off or diverted to fill gutters and downpipes in case of bushfire.
  • Water Level Indicator
    • A Tank Gauge Water Level Indicator makes monitoring your water level and usage quick and easy.
  • First Flush Diverters
    • Prevent the first flush of water that may contain dust and other contaminants from entering the tank.