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Water Tank Installation | gmTANKS

Supplier: gmTANKS

gmTANKS not only manufactures quality rain water tanks, but we can also construct a suitable foundation and have your tank in place and ready for plumbing.

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The foundation

When you construct a building a good foundation is essential, water tanks are no different. A litre of water weighs a kilogram so if you are installing a 5000 litre tank the base has to be able to support up to 5 tonnes of water.

  • It is critical that the base of your water tank be fully supported at all times
  • Damage to water tanks installed on an inadequate base will void warranty

The base of a gmTANKS water tank is manufactured from Bluescope double sided AQUAPLATE® Steel and is designed to sit straight on a concrete pad without the need for a stand.

gmTANKS recommends the use of a concrete pad for slimline tanks while concrete pavers on a compacted base may be suitable for larger round tanks. If you are unsure of the correct construction specification gmTANKS will supply a quote to complete the work for you.

gmTANKS is not liable for damage caused by sub standard base construction.

You local council should be contacted prior to installation for any applicable regulations.

Connection of your tank to mains water appliances must be completed by a licensed plumber and be fitted with a backflow prevention device.