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Waterproofing Technologies | Waterproofing, Flooring & Remedial Applications

Waterproofing Technologies

Waterproofing Technologies is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in the manufacture and supply of environmentally responsible products for the building and construction market and is involved in areas such as waterproofing, flooring and general remedial applications.

We develop and produce products that not only deliver quality outcomes to our customers but do so whilst providing measurable benefits to our customers and the environment.

The ENVIRO range utilises the most up to date technology for the reduction of volatile organic components (VOCs) whilst delivering best practice performance and ease of use

The ENVIRO product range features products for waterproofing, concrete repair, joint sealing, protective coating, industrial flooring and priming.

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Products and Compliance

The use of the term "green product" is frequently misleading as it has been used to categorise products that have no supporting data and may in fact be anything BUT "green".

Products with high VOCs are not limited to solvent based products either, as many water based products use solvents as part of their chemical makeup and these are released as the product cures. It is in fact older, imported and cheap products that are the prime offenders.

VOCs contain materials that have negative health implications such as respiratory damage, allergic reactions and chronic problems in long term exposure situations.

The ENVIRO range has been independently certified as LOW VOC by an independent, nationally accredited government body. Waterproofing Technologies can supply test certificates verifying these claims.

All products developed by Waterproofing Technologies under the ENVIRO label are designed with a view to reducing our carbon footprint into the future.

As custodians of our and your children’s future, we take very seriously our responsibility to leave the planet in a better state than we found it.

Visit us on the web at or call in to our showroom at 295 Princes Highway, St Peters, NSW 2044.

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