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wayLOGGER GPS Data Logger

Supplier: Dynmast

The wayLOGGER logs accurate GPS data (NMEA Strings) consisting of position (longitude & latitude), time, date, speed and heading down to a resolution of once per second (1Hz) from the time the unit is powered or the ignition of a vehicle is turned on.

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The data collected is recorded on to a removable USB Memory Stick inserted at the front of the unit.

The removable USB stick contains a PC compatible file allowing you to remove the memory stick at any time to copy the files to your computers hard drive.

The wayLOGGER is designed to be powered from any standard 8 to 28 Volt vehicle supply. It is typically mounted under the dash. The unit needs to remain accessible to remove & replace the card after each logging duration. Optionally the wayLOGGER can be mounted in a tamper proof box.

Application software is provided with the wayLOGGER as standard to allow you to playback the log files, select specific times or locations of interest and optionally to output the data to a map for visual display.

  • Low Cost – No operating costs
  • Easy To Use
  • Application Software Supplied

    Features of wayLOGGER GPS Data Logger

    • Accurate GPS position, time & Speed logs
    • Up to 7 years of storage capacity depending on the log rate
    • Easy report generator for cost accounting
    • Cost nothing to operate


    • Input Voltage: 8 to 28 VDC with Negative Earth
    • DC Current: Maximum 100 mA


    • MicroNav Active GPS Antenna
    • Frequency 1575 Mhz
    • The GPS Antenna Connector is an SMA Female.
    • DC Output on center contact is +5VDC
    • Shield Ground
    • Maximum current source is 40 mA


    • Any commercially Available USB Memory Stick (32 Mb or Larger)
    • Stick to be used (Not supplied with module)

    System Requirements

    Application software is provided as standard with the wayLOGGER Kit.

    The Minimum Computer System required is a PC with Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP and SVGA capable of 1024 x 768.

    A single Serial COM Port is required if you wish to Transmit the GPS Data to a second PC with Mapping Software, or it can be used to Receive LOG Data from an external GPS Receiver.

    If your PC has 2 Serial COM Ports then you can run both the wayLOGGER Reporter and the Mapping Application on the one PC. The 2 Serial Ports should be interconnected using a Serial LAPLINK cable.

    GPS Data & Logging Rate

    The GPS Data used by this program is the NMEA standard RMC String.

    This Program plays Only RMC strings from a GPS Receiver or other source.

    The wayLOGGER Unit records RMC Data with the WGS 84 World Geodetic System.

    The internal built in Place Data Base is referenced to the WGS 84 World Geodetic System.If GPS data played by this Application is imported from another source, other than the wayLOGGER Unit, then it should also be referenced to the WGS 84 World Geodetic System.

    The wayLOGGER is factory preset to log GPS data at a maximum rate of once per second,providing up to 7 days worth of logging capacity (memory).

    The user can define the minimum log rate which is 255 seconds / log. Logging data once every 5 seconds will allow you to log up to 28 days of data on your 32MB memory stick.

    Note: The 9 Way D connector on the wayLOGGERTM box allows for other peripheral GPS devices or program upgrades or custom modifications