We Are in the Pink!

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
04 October, 2019

Vibrant edge hovers above Eagle Lane Bar

Eagle Lane in Brisbane is a restaurant, cocktail and espresso bar as well as a laneway kiosk for city dwellers on the move. The vast industrial space is softened with mid-century modern touches such as brass and copper accents, cognac leather seating and sculptural timber ceiling. The Allplastics Architectural fabrication team is immensely proud to play a part in the special fit out by utilising a unique technology of creating a custom made vibrant edge on the 10mm thick acrylic L shaped blades with a bespoke PINK colour chosen by the project designer Pinto Tuncer in Melbourne and professionally installed by Unita project managers in June 2019.

The bistro is accented with twin curved espresso and cocktail bars, topped with pink and clear acrylic panels that play with the light angles and a accentuate the scale of the available space.

Previously not accessible Vibrant Edge is an innovation that allows designers, architects and exhibition managers the latitude to introduce a wide variety of colours as well as black or white edges in fit-outs , showcases and joinery fixtures.

Let Allplastics provide you with the distinctive edge for your next project.