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Supplier: Auzion Sustainable Solutions
22 July, 2010

With the National Solar Schools program coming back online at the beginning of the 2010-2011 financial year, now's the time to register your school’s interest.

An Auzion Solar Power System will cut your energy bills and help to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. What’s also very exciting from an educational point of view is that provides a demonstrated model for environment sustainability studies.

Where the smart money is

The National Solar Schools program will offer grants of up to $50 000 (GST exclusive) to install solar and other renewable power systems, solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks and a range of energy efficiency measures.

A learned approach

Auzion has invested significant time and money developing a thorough business plan in association with Sunshine Coast University. By maximising our business potential, we've identified and developed a host of initiatives to help your school reach its environmental potential.

Get it all from the one-stop shop

The experts at Auzion can provide you with the total solar solution for your school. Our assessors will come to you, then prepare a comprehensive report outlining the best options and system size for your school. They'll arrange the installation and guide you right through the entire process.

Importantly, every step is carried out by members of the highly trained Auzion team. We have people on the ground throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and we have a Customer Sales and Support Centre that will guide you through every step of the process.

Exactly the right system for your school

With three options to choose from, Auzion has the right size system to suit your size of your school, your energy usage and your budget.

  • 3.7kW System
  • 4.4kW System
  • 5.5kW System