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Supplier: Haden & Custance Ltd
27 September, 2007

Experts in: * ABB Robotics * PLC Programming * Electrical Systems Design & Build * Safety Systems ? HMI/Scada * Data Collection * Process Control ? VSD & Servo Applications * and more..

H&C Automation is a division of Haden & Custance Ltd. We are able to tackle all aspects of systems integration, creating control solutions tailor made to meet our customers needs, for a huge variety of industries. Our team of electrical engineers, draughtsmen and electricians can handle large, Turn-Key installations through to small incremental improvements and service work.

Materials Handling Systems - H&C Automation provides high quality control systems for H&C equipment. Established in 1965, Haden & Custance Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of materials handling equipment for the food, dairy, meat, paper and beverages industries. H&C has integrated a wide range of ABB robotics and purpose designed equipment as part of these system solutions.

Programming – We are experts in: PLC ladder logic, State Logic control, PID optimisation, Process Control, Sequential Function Chart, Functional Block Diagram, ABB Robots RAPID and Visual Basic. All code is fully documented.

Economical Automation – Small, flexible micro-controllers are economically priced, opening automation opportunities for many more types of equipment and businesses. Contact us for a low cost solution.

System upgrades – Considered upgrading your control hardware? Expanding production? Employ our experience and expertise to provide a cost effective solution and make an efficient transition.

System Communications – DeviceNet, ControlNet, Data Highway Plus, Remote I/O, RS232, Ethernet/IP. Over the years we’ve learnt the right way to put these communication systems together. We can troubleshoot existing systems or improve the connectivity of your control systems.

Troubleshooting – H&C Automation can improve the performance of your existing systems and machinery. Our engineers can analyse equipment performance and develop improved control methods. Those last few percent in reliability and speed can really pay dividends in the long term.

Safety – Designing and building robotic systems all over the world has taught us the do’s and don’t’s of machine safety. The applicable standard in NZ and Australia is AS4024.1-1996 Safeguarding of machinery. We can upgrade your equipment to meet the required standards.

Human Machine Interface / Scada – Benefit from our experience of providing easy to use, intuitive operator and supervisor screens.

Data collection and analysis – We have experience in collecting plant floor data and making it available through a database for easy analysis. We can collaborate with you to develop the reports that you need.

Barcode scanning, Weighing, RFID, Labelling – The error of manual data entry can be eliminated! We can integrate these labour saving technologies into your systems, and provide you with error free, real time access to your information via a database connection as well.

Training – Operator and maintenance staff training can be provided for existing H&C equipment and other automation requirements. Focus on troubleshooting techniques, new robot stack patterns, system tuning and replacement equipment setup - all backed up with full documentation.

Motor Control Centre Design and Build - Professional circuit diagrams, documentation and build quality. Our experienced electrical designers and electricians provide a polished installation.

Hot Off The Press – Haden & Custance Ltd is the NZ representative for NDC, the worlds #1 Automatic Guided Vehicle. Designed for automatic warehousing and materials supply. Contact us for more details

Contact:   Dave Omundsen – Automation Manager –           mailto:d.omundsen@hadencustance.co.nz