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Wear Plates

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DURMAT - WP 1061 is rust and acid durable, resistant to heavy abrasion and heat up-to 500° C. Because of the high FTC content, the overlay is highly wear resistant.

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Wear Plates


Technical Data
Standard base plate type NF A36-201 E390/DIN 17102 StE36 / ASTM A 572gr50. Other types according to customers specifications.

Base material size: 2,000 x 1,000 x 3 + 2 mm
Coated surface: 1,800 x 800 x 3 + 2 mm
Base material size: 2,500 x 1,250 x 4 + 2 mm
Coated surface: 2,300 x 1,100 x 4 + 2 mm
Base material size: 2,500 x 1,250 x 5*) + 2 mm
Coated surface: 2,300 x 1,100 x 5*) + 2 mm
Smallest thickness of hard-facing: 2 mm + 0.5 mm
Thickness of base material: between 4 and 20 mm on customers specification.

Very low dilution with the base material ( < 5 % )
Dense surface with low coefficient of friction.
Extremely economical solutions due to its light weight
Good formable and can be cut with plasma
Base material easy to weld

Other base material sizes as well as other hard-facing alloys are

Characteristics & Applications
DURMAT- WP 1061 is a composite Wear Plate consisting of a mild steel base plate and a high wear resistant overlay.

The hard-facing deposit consists of a Ni-B-Si matrix with very regular dispersed Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC) particles. The chromium free Ni-B-Si alloy shows much harder phases than those very famous M7C3 carbides. The inserted fine dispersed FTC shows a hardness of > 2,340 HV.

Due to the low melting point of the Ni - alloy in combination with our unique PTA system to apply, the material shows a very low and uniform dilution with the base material.

DURMAT- WP 1061 protects components that encounter heavy mechanical and mineral wear.
In particular the new 3 + 2 mm DURMAT-WP 1061 wear plates offer extremely economical solutions such as high speed Fan Blades, or in the cement industry where components are subject to substantial erosion by abrasive particles such as quartz or feldspar dust.