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Web Lens

Supplier: SightMakers Industrial Eyewear

Web Lens provides an effortless transition from close to middle range. It gives you clearer focus and it allows you to maintain a natural posture while working at your PC, thereby reducing neck and shoulder discomfort.

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Web Lens

Computer screens often pose a problem because they are placed at a Middle Distance, usually 60 to 80cm from our eyes. Traditional “Near” glasses or “Distance” glasses fail to correct this middle range adequately. To solve this vexing problem Nikon have developed a spectacle lens that gives you both “Near” and “Middle” vision in the one pair of glasses.

The Web.lens extends your field of view laterally and increases your depth of focus from near to intermediate range

If you spend a lot of time in front of a desk top monitor this lens may make work easier.

Provides enhanced near and intermediate vision "web.lens" offers you better vision

  • Wider near vision that standard progressive lenses.
  • More depth of field than single vision lenses.
  • The same wide near vision area as single vision reading lenses.
  • Easy and comfortable use at mid distance, thanks to its wide and smooth variation zone.

Other factors in your working environment such as desk position, computer position, lighting, play a part in determining if Web lens is right for you.