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Web Marketing

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Grow Faster and Maximize ROI with NetSuite Web Marketing.

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With NetSuite's web marketing capability, you get the tools you need to drive maximum traffic to your site, convert that traffic to revenue, close abandoned shopping carts and optimize return on investment (ROI) for every program you run. You'll be able to measure results from the first click to the web visit itself, form registration, sale order, revenue, upsell, and beyond.


  • Drive quality traffic to your website with built-in marketing automation capabilities
  • Convert website traffic to leads and sales with online coupon offers and online registration forms
  • Close abandoned shopping carts with automated, personalized email marketing campaigns to shoppers about abandoned carts
  • Optimize web traffic and marketing investments with real-time, "closed-loop" ROI campaign and promotion tracking and web analytics
  • Understand the lifetime ROI of your campaigns, tracking the lifetime purchase history across all channels of any shopper acquired through a campaign
  • Increase cross-sell and upsell revenue with a universal customer database that provides complete visibility into all past customer transactions and interactions.
Key Features

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Get high rankings in search engines for both static HTML and dynamically generated web pages
  • Create search-engine-friendly pages with customizable title, meta, and image-alt tags
  • Use short search-engine-friendly descriptive URLs for dynamic pages stripping out any unnecessary information and unrecognizable special characters
  • Pull relevant information from online catalogs, including product names and categories, and automatically place them for intuitive navigation and search-engine friendliness in title, meta, and image-alt tags and breadcrumbs
  • Customize SEO tags on each page and create permanent (301) redirects.

Email Marketing

  • Manage the entire end-to-end mass email process in one system, including database building and management, target segment list creation, creation and hosting of HTML and text-only creative and registration forms, campaign execution, and campaign performance analysis
  • Take advantage of the latest industry best practices with email personalization, list de-duping, and SPAM-compliant auto-unsubscribe capabilities.
  • Keep optimizing performance by measuring your campaign effectiveness in real-time across the entire funnel, from opens to clicks, leads, order transactions and revenue.

Paid-Search Marketing

  • Accurately track and manage your paid-search marketing campaigns down to the keyword and search engine, in real time
  • Perform closed-loop analysis of leads driven by individual paid-search terms, from the time they turn into a lead all the way through actual purchase; even report downstream transactions such as upsell and returns from those leads.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Track how many leads and how much revenue is being generated by each affiliate and easily determine the commissions they're due
  • Create promotional discounts that are associated with specific affiliates
  • Allow affiliates to view the leads and sales they've generated.

Online Coupons and Promotions

  • Convert more visitors to sales by offering promotional coupons and promotions
  • Create and distribute coupons based either on a dollar or percentage discount, or offer free shipping promotions
  • Restrict the items to which the coupon applies, and determine minimum order amounts
  • Limit coupons to a single use per customer or by partners
  • Create and enforce expiration dates for coupons
  • Track coupon and promotion effectiveness and ROI
  • Design promotional discounts and track them via promotional codes.

Online Lead Forms

  • Easily generate professional-looking online registration forms for marketing campaigns and events
  • Strengthen your database with automatic de-duplication detection upon submission; leads instantly populate your CRM system for quick sales team follow-up.

Campaign Management Reporting and Web Analytics

  • Track the results of all your marketing programs—by program type, lead source and promotions—in real time
  • View how visitors turn into leads and sales, by referring source
  • Track returning leads and customers and determine how they’re navigating through your site
  • Understand how frequently visitors return to your site, how many times they visited the site, and the average pages views during those visits
  • Learn how often each page of your site gets viewed and by how many unique visitors.

Increase Cross-Sell and Upsell Revenue

  • Mine NetSuite's universal customer database to create target segments for highly focused, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions
  • Use simple built-in report query tools to target customers by their past purchase histories, marketing activity, demographics, and any other segmentation factors captured within the database
  • Use NetSuite's upsell wizard to get automatic recommendations on new products or offers to feature.