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Web tools for process control -Web DATAL

Supplier: Air Liquide Australia

In order to meet the demanding service needs of our clients worldwide, Air Liquide has begun a new program to provide sophisticated tools that will enhance and simplify the DATAL offer.

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In addition to our existing service products, La Borne, Query Customer, and Self Connect, we will introduce network-based software that will allow your customers to view TELEFLO and other data through a corporate intranet or the World Wide Web. These new products will make up the family of Air Liquide Web Tools.

One member of the Web Tools, WEB DATAL, forms the foundation of our service offer because with the same product, we can provide two primary configurations.

More specifically, if you require true real time supervision with alarming functions, then WEB DATAL can be installed on site and be accessed through the network. On the other hand, if you require statistics or reports that are refreshed once or twice a day, then WEB DATAL can be installed at an Air Liquide location and be accessed through the Internet.

As mentioned above, when information is desired frequently or in real time, WEB DATAL running at your facility is the logical solution. This onsite version of WEB DATAL allows you to monitor the process closely as well as build an archive of trends.

Analogous to Air Liquide La Borne, WEB DATAL ONSITE (WDO) will be permanently connected to the TELEFLO so that the data is always current and that no alarms are ever missed.

A new feature that WDO can offer is advanced alarming. Instead of just displaying alarms and logging them, they can now be sent to one or more people via email, a pager, fax, or the telephone.

In addition, depending on the services agreement, the customer can browse the TELEFLO information from one or more locations on the network. And, if the customer has remote access to the system, he or she can view the data while on the road or at home.

If you are satisfied with updates once or twice a day, then a central version of WEB DATAL is perhaps the most practical choice. In this arrangement, called WEB DATAL CENTRAL (WDC), there is nothing to install at your site, because all information is transmitted via the TELEFLO's phone link to the WEB DATAL server at an Air Liquide location.

For this service, customers can browse historical data in the form of charts or spreadsheets. And in the future, when the system is linked to other sources of data like the subsidiary's information system, the customer will be able to view information not specific to TELEFLO like invoicing and delivery records.

One important fact is that since all equipment is centralized, maintenance and support is simplified, and signing up new customers requires only minor configuration and granting access.