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Weighbridge Extension Caters For B-Doubles.

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Jessica Bryant
08 November, 2010

A weighbridge extension was recently completed on an ageing weighbridge at a processing plant at Cardiff in NSW.

Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch added another weighbridge deck measuring 10 metres to the existing 20 metre long weighbridge.

The weighbridge extension now allows B-Double truck/trailers to be accurately weighed in a single weighing transaction. The extended weighbridge eliminates the need for split weighing of long trucks – a process requiring the truck and trailer(s) to be weighed in two halves then both weights added to hopefully get a reasonably accurate weight reading.

The IT8000 digital weight indicator included with Accuweigh’s weighbridge extension simultaneously displays the individual weight readings of each weighbridge deck and the total vehicle weight. This important feature can be used to readily identify overloaded axle groups in a bid to eliminate truck overloading fines.

The foundation of the new weighbridge section was grafted onto the end of the existing weighbridge to provide a seamless transition between both weighbridge decks. The existing load cells from the original weighbridge deck were terminated into the first load cell input of the IT8000 digital weight indicator while the load cells of the new deck were terminated into the second load cell input.

Accuweigh’s IT8000 is a programmable digital weight indicator and has the ability to be configured to perform a multitude of different weighing and batching applications. Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches across mainland states providing a high standard of sales and service support on all scales and weighing equipment.