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Weighbridge split weighing eliminated on QLD nut farm

Supplier: Ultrahawke By: Gary Bryant
15 August, 2011

A twenty-eight metre long weighbridge was recently installed for weighing up to B Double trucks in a single weighing transaction without requiring split weighing.

Installed for weighing truckloads of macadamia nuts leaving the Hancock Farm Company at Welcome Creek near Bundaberg, the Australian Made Weighbridge was manufactured at Ultrahawke’s dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facility in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Split weighing is a process of weighing truck/trailers that are longer than the actual weighbridge deck and requires at least two weighing transactions to acquire the total vehicle mass. To ensure accuracy during split weighings, the ground on either end of the weighbridge needs to be level and in the same plane as the weighbridge deck itself for the complete length of the truck/trailer overhanging the weighbridge deck.

Split weighing is mainly used on aging weighbridges that were not designed to cater for the recent significant increases in truck/trailer lengths. In many cases, due to decreases in weighbridge manufacturing costs, it can be cost comparable to install a weighbridge capable of weighing the entire truck/trailer in a single weighing transaction.

Eliminating split weighing not only saves wasted time and resources ensuring correct vehicle positioning at both ends of the weighbridge before weighings, but also minimises civils costs for extended concrete approaches at both ends of the weighbridge.

The weighbridge is supported on 8 x stainless steel Flintec RC3 load cells of 30t capacity each with a Rinstrum R5000 digital weight indicator generating the weight readings.  A large digit remote display is mounted externally to allow the truck drivers to also see their truck weight from within the cab.

Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest manufacturer of weighbridges and heavy capacity weighing equipment and has agents in all states providing full national coverage for sales and service of all Ultrahawke products.