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Welding Machine | TRANSTIG 220 & 300 ACDC

Supplier: Cigweld

When you need the highest quality aluminium weld, look no further than our Transtig 220AC/DC and 300AC/DC Series. Combining the finest hardware with the latest digital software control systems, these machines produce outstanding seam quality on even the thinnest materials!

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CIGWELD's 220 & 300 ACDC

Outstanding seam quality and the perfect AC arc every time

When you need the highest quality aluminium weld, look no further than our Transtig 220AC/DC and 300AC/DC Series. Combining the finest hardware with the latest digital software control systems, these machines produce outstanding seam quality on even the thinnest materials.

The models come with DC stick, AC/DC Lift TIG and AC/DC HF TIG. Whilst in TIG the Transtig 220AC/DC and 300AC/DC is capable of Pulse Welding, Spot Welding, 2T (Normal) and 4T (Latch) modes. This makes them ideal for a range of industries, from boat building and panel beating to precision work in chemistry, wine or water tank installations.

As you'd expect from any CIGWELD product, the Transtig 220AC/DC and 300AC/DC models are packed with the latest safety features, which means the operator can confidently weld harder.

And with more controls at the stick, precise control has never been so easy.

"State-of-the-art technology for a precise weld, even on the thinnest aluminium."

The perfect balance

The secret to the Transtig’s industry-leading performance is its intelligent core.

Quality hardware and state-of-the-art software make sure that gas and current are precisely controlled. The result is a very intense and focused arc that gives a slimmer seam and perfect optics, with minimal heat input.

Add to that automatic downslope, to help you smooth out those ends and fill up the craters properly and it’s easy to see why CIGWELD's latest AC/DC range is so perfectly suited to precision welding.


More intelligent

A perfect balance of components

State of the art processors ensure the perfect balance of gas pre-purge, arc form and welding current – giving you a better duty cycle and a better end result.


Technology suited to aluminium

The new alternating current process (MACS) produces the ideal AC arc and a perfect cleaning effect in the bath –optimal conditions for welding very thin material.




If the voltage at the terminals on the 220AC/DC or 300AC/DC plants or power sources exceeds 35V, the machine Immediately shuts down to prevent a shock.


Tough on the outside, secure on the inside

A tough steel case, compliant to IP23S, keeps components protected and stops water getting inside.


Cheaper and easier to run

Gas only when you need it

On the 220 and 300 Transtig, gas control is at your fingertips. If you’re not welding, the gas isn’t flowing – which means less wear to your electrode and welding seams.


Draws less current

On the 220AC/DC Transtig, we’ve introduced ‘power factor correction’ – a clever way of drawing less current from the mains and keeping your costs down.


Designed to make your life easier


Why keep returning to the unit to make adjustments? With Transtig Tiptronic, you can make all your adjustments and trigger settings right there on the torch.


Easy operation

A clear control panel with a big operation knob means you can start, stop or make adjustments easily – even with gloves on.


Pre-program up to a hundred settings

Different jobs call for different settings. With the 220 and 300 Transtig, you can pre-save up to 100 settings and simply trigger the one you need at the touch of a button.


Pick up where you left off

The 220AC/DC and 300AC/DC machines remember your settings, so you can take a breather and pick up where you left off.


Clear LED displays

With crystal clear, seven-segment displays, making adjustments to your settings, selecting the right welding mode or just keeping an eye on current couldn’t be easier.


Carrying made easy

With a stainless steel handhold grip and accessory belt, getting from the car to the job, or just around site, doesn’t have to mean multiple trips and aching biceps.


Transtig 220AC/DC Plant

The Transtig 220AC/DC Plant comes with everything you need to get up and running on lighter aluminium fabrication jobs, including the power source, regulator, TIG torch, electrode holder and leads. The shoulder strap and bag allows portability onsite so you can setup in a single trip. And because it’s a single phase machine, you’ll be able to plug in and start welding just about anywhere.


Transtig 220AC/DC Power Source

The Transtig 220AC/DC gives you high quality aluminium welding from a single phase power source. Light enough to swing over your shoulder but more than powerful enough for balustrade work, air conditioning piping or sheet metal fabrication, it’s a machine that can be relied upon for multiple applications. Thanks to a clever bit of technology called power factor correction, the Transtig 220AC/DC is not only energy efficient but it will also run off a small generator too – perfect if you’re out in the field or on a remote site.


Transtig 300AC/DC Power Source

With more power and a better duty cycle, the Transtig 300AC/DC is the workhorse of the Transtig range. There’s pretty much no limit to what you can weld with this machine, making it ideal for boat yards, cylinder head repair shops and any other environments where heavy duty aluminium welding is needed.