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Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment

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The Wet Abrasive Blasting Process is a high volume, LOW pressure abrasive cleaning, surface finishing process.

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Wet abrasive blasting is an alternative to other methods of component cleaning and finishing such as hot tanks, solvent cleaning, wire brushing, hand polishing, finishing and dry blasting.

Dana-Ridge manufactures and distributes a range of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic wet abrasive blasting equipment from small production models to large walk-in blast rooms with multiple operators or cabinet machines with multiple blast guns. In addition to manufacturing the equipment Dana-Ridge also provides contract wet-blasting services of components for customers.

Application/Function of the VAQUA® Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment:

The VAQUA® Wet Abrasive Blasting Process is used where you need to de-scale, de-grease, de-flash, de-rust, peen, de-burr, polish, prepare surfaces for painting, coating, bonding or plating, radioactive decontaminate or just plain clean the surface of components.

Industry sectors that utilise this efficient cleaning and surface finishing process for their components include the automotive, aviation, defence, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, mining, construction, oil and gas, local governments and nuclear sectors.

Differentiating Features of the VAQUA® Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment:

The VAQUA® Wet Abrasive Blasting Process is one of the fastest, most versatile, efficient and economical metal cleaning and surface finishing systems on the planet.

The process uses a solution of media, water, and compressed air to develop a scrubbing action on the work-piece surface being processed. The scrubbing action prevents impregnation of the contaminants and media into the work surface, leaving a brilliant, clean surface.

Some of the benefits of the VAQUA® Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment are;

  • Environmentally friendly - No toxic or harmful chemicals used and no atmospheric pollution generated,
  • Complete control of blast processing. By adjusting the water cushion atomisation around the abrasive media, the blasting can be controlled from mild to aggressive, sateen to matte finish, and everything in between,
  • Simultaneous removal of oil, grease, burnt on carbon, paint, scale, soil and surface contaminant. No need to pre-clean,
  • Complete elimination of dust, does not need 'dry' air No component erosion or impregnation – critical measurements maintained,
  • Versatility – A wide range of finishes can be achieved using a wide variety of media types i.e. glass bead, aluminium oxide, plastic, sodium bicarbonate, crushed glass, garnet and organics; to suit your particular processing application, and
  • Excellent economics – low media consumption, low maintenance costs, low power consumption Vs speed of processing, less labour = highly economical.

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