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Wet Blast Cabinet | Mercury Model

Supplier: Dana-Ridge

If you have the problem of descaling, degreasing, decarbonising, de-rusting, general component cleaning, surface preparation prior to painting, coating, plating or bonding, or the need for a final, good quality finish, you've landed on the right page.

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Your present method is probably one or more of the following:

  • Use of a strong, effluent forming, environmentally hazardous chemical(s), that costs money to buy and money to dispose of;
  • Laborious handwork; and
  • Dusty, damaging shot or sand blasting.

Dana-Ridge introduces to you the Wet Blast Process; a high volume, low pressure, wet blasting system that can solve these problems without component damage and without harming the environment.

The principle of the system is the bombardment of high volume, low pressure, recirculating flow of 25% - 30% solid particles in water. The chosen solid media does the work, but there is always a cushion of water between the component surface and media particles. This prevents impregnation, damage and the excessive breakdown of media.

The advantages of Wet Blast Processing are:

  • Complete control of blast processing. Mild to aggressive, sateen to matte finish, and everything in between,
  • Versatility  A wide range of finishes with one size and type of media. Although a variety of different media types can be used in the machine i.e. glass bead, aluminium oxide, plastic, sodium bicarbonate and others, to suit the particular processing application,
  • Simultaneous removal of oil, grease, burnt on carbon, paint, scale, soil material or surface contaminant. NO PRE-CLEANING NEEDED,
  • Environmentally friendly  No toxic or harmful chemicals used and no atmospheric pollution generated,
  • Complete elimination of dust, does not need 'dry' air,
  • No component erosion or impregnation – critical measurements maintained,
  • Excellent economics – lower media consumption, low maintenance costs, low power consumption Vs speed of processing

For more details on the Mercury model and other machine configurations available, visit the Dana-Ridge website or give us a call.

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