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What Does a Smart home Offer You?

Supplier: Future Safe Security

View your property through any TV on the premises, via the internet or even from your mobile. Surveillance cameras in your business and home markedly increase the level of vigilance over your property. Smart Digital Video Recorders detectors movement in the cameras field of view and can start recording to capture any suspicious activity as evidence, while turning on the lights to frighten off the intruders.

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What Does a Smart home Offer You?

  • Convenience  
  • Safety
  • Lifestyle

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Convenience: Wouldn't it be handy to have the internet throughout your house to have a central hub where all your DVDs and music are stored electronically, when you come home everything set up the way you like it for the time, day and temperature.

The lawn watered as required and water not wasted on a rainy day.

Logging in to the home network from work to see if the kids are home.

A audible alarm in the house with live footage  if someone has entered the pool area.

These convenient, environmentally friendly and potentially life savings products are not just reserved for the rich, you may be surprised just how affordable it really is, so make an appointment with one of our advisors today and move your home and family into the 21st century

An automated home works for you to make life more comfortable and convenient.
You program it once and it never has to be told again that sitting down to watch a DVD means that at the same time, the drapes should be closed, the lights dimmed and the temperature adjusted to your comfort level.

Automate your home lighting and never enter a dark room again
Let sensors turn on the lights as you approach and turn them off  when the room is empty. They will  automatically light the stairway downstairs as you approach. With a tap on the touch screen, set up lighting to accent your drapes and to highlight the paintings on the wall.

Network your home and share IT resources
With home or business networking you can share anything computer related, software or hardware based. For example, you may need to share a single printer between PCs or an ADSL connection.

Key Benefits

  • Save power and never walk down a dark staircase again as the system  turns your lights on and off as you walk around the house.
  • Rushing home to check if you left the oven on is in the past simply log on from work or your mobile.
  • High Security & safety features.
  • Save time & money.
  • Easy to Use Interface.
  • Going on holidays? Don't worry let your home take care of itself, water the garden by itself and turn the lights and radio on and off so the it appears lived in.