What Does My Packaging Say About My Brand?

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
22 February, 2019

Excluding logo's and colours have you considered what your packaging says about your brand? How it is seen and received by the customer could be reinforcing your brand - or it could be undermining it.

Consider these questions.

  • Is your packaging wasteful?
  • Do you under protect your product?
  • Is it easily returnable by the customer?
  • Do you consider the environment with your packaging?
  • Does your packaging present to the customer the way you intended it?

If you've addressed these issues in the best possible way then chances are that you have represented your brand in the best possible light.

Does your customer view your product the intended way?

The way a product is received by your customer, and how it is packaged, says a lot about you the retailer/manufacturer/supplier. It could be any one of these views.

  • This is clearly a high end product
  • This company cares
  • This is an environmentally aware brand/company
  • This is functional
  • This is cheap and slap dash - they clearly don't care

So let's look at some things to consider when packaging up your product for delivery.

Are you over packaging?

77% of consumers think that packaging reflects the environmental values of the brand they purchase from. So this can either work for you or against you. If you are over packaging your goods then chances are you are also spending too much. Simply the fact that you have over packaged could be costing your brand - and sales too.

  • Does the box fit your product? Is it oversized so you fill it with void chips or other types of void fillers?
  • Is your box exploding with void fill chips? Is your product swimming in them?
  • Have you made your package so tamper proof that it's almost impossible for the customer to open?
  • Consider the image of the bananas packaged singly on a foam tray and wrapped in plastic. Some might consider using any packaging on this wasteful. What does it say about the environmental consciousness of the supplier?


Are you under packing - or under protecting?

Consider the other image with pieces of broken foam placed on top of a product in the box. How does this look to the customer? Does it look considered?
We've all seen products arrive in broken or damaged packaging, or broken products inside packaging (fragile items) - or worse still - products bursting out of their packaging. Did you realise that 59% if people blame not only the courier company when items are damaged on delivery, but they also blame the retailer who didn't put enough into the protective packaging in the first place? When this happens there is a cost. Not only in returning and replacing the product, but environmental costs in the case of physical waste to be dealt with as well as the outcome of additional logistics (fuel and pollution).

Return Logistics

Do you consider the logistics of the customer being able to easily return your product? 94% of consumers say they strongly prefer to return items using the original packaging it arrived in. There is a consumer expectation that goods should be easy to return. Consider clothing purchased online. It is very common in this industry for goods to be returned whether it be due to anticipated colour or fit, or simply change of mind.  Consider these items:

  • have return address labels
  • make return paperwork simple and easy
  • Return Trip Shurtuff Mailers - specifically designed tamper resistant mailer bags that enable a customer to return the goods in the same bag whilst maintaining the integrity of the tamper seal.

Here are just a few products recommended by Get Packed that will not only enhance your brand but provide the function of great packaging.

  • Instapak Foam Packaging - Instapak creates a custom fit superior lock and brace for your product. Available in a range of Instapak Quick bag sizes or larger Instapak systems. The ultimate in premium packaging.
  • Thermal Carton Liners and Thermal Bags - used in Cold Chain logistics where insulating temperature sensitive goods is the priority. Made from foil back bubble.
  • Profipack Cardboard Perforator - a free standing or table top machine that perforates sections of cardboard to create an environmentally conscious form of protective padding (see image of perforated cardboard around the wine bottle). Best for reusing/recycling old cardboard boxes for this.
  • Black Padded Mailers - this matt black padded mailer is made from up to 15% recycled content, has a peel and seal tape to secure it shut as well as 100% blockout to ensure privacy and discretion. It looks great and leaves a professional finished look.
  • Return Trip Shurtuff Mailer Bags - ideal for e-commerce sellers. Functional with the ability for customers to easily return goods using the same bag goods arrived in.
  • White Tissue Paper - for that delicate touch
  • Cardboard Mailing Tubes - if your product fits in this then its almost a failsafe on all levels.