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What is a drug-safe workplace?

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A workplace or employment setting where all employees adhere to a program of policies and activities designed to provide a drug-safe workplace. Where alcohol and drug abuse is discouraged and the organization encourages treatment, recovery and return to work for those employees with such abuse problems. A workplace that encourages employee's to voluntarily come forward and disclose their dependency, without fear of victimisation or punitive action, knowing they will receive fair and proper treatment.

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What is a drug-safe workplace?

1. What are the characteristics of an effective, comprehensive Drug-Safe Workplace Program?

  • Active, visible leadership and support of the program by the employer
  • Clear LaneWorkSafe policies and procedures that are applied uniformly such as implementing LaneWorkSafe policies and procedures
  • Employee involvement in policy development
  • Management, supervisors and employees are knowledgeable and their responsibilities under the LaneWorkSafe policies are clear
  • Methods of identifying alcohol and drug abusers, including drug testing, for the purpose of providing the opportunity for treatment, recovery and the return to work
  • Access to treatment and follow-up for employees who are experiencing abuse problems

2. What issues do a LaneWorkSafe policy cover?
It is beneficial and lawful that both the employer and the employee have a program and policy in place designed to reduce and eliminate the negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse and to provide a safe workplace. LaneWorkSafe can design a policy that:

  • Explains why the product or service provided by the client is inconsistent with employee alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace and detracts from the corporate image portrayed
  • Provides information about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Clearly defines what kind of assistance will be provided to substance abusers who voluntarily report their abuse problems or have been identified as a drug or alcohol abuser through other means
  • Spells out the roles, rights and responsibilities for employees, managers and supervisors under the program
  • Describes the sanctions which apply for infringement of the policies
    Seeks to assure personal privacy and dignity in reaching the goals of a LaneWorkSafe workplace
  • Provides for training and education throughout the workplace
  • Outlines procedures for drug testing, on a controlled and monitored basis, including specifying the nature, frequency and type of testing that will be performed and the types of drugs for which employees will be tested.

3. How is Policy Developed?
With the introduction of any new policy, thorough assessment and consultation is the first step. No two workplaces are the same and no two employers can take the same approach to addressing alcohol and other drug abuse.

Initially, LaneWorkSafe will draft a policy to help meet your company needs. Consultation with OHS committee members, supervisors and managers will be used in developing the draft. All consultations offers an avenue for employees to offer practical ideas and so help build a well-rounded policy. Consensus in policy development encourages more willingness to comply.