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What is Henrob self-pierce riveting?

Supplier: Henrob By: Stuart Blacket
14 April, 2010

Henrob Self-Pierce Riveting (HSPR) is a cold joining process used to fasten two or more sheets of material by driving a rivet through the top sheet(s) and upsetting the rivet, under the influence of a die, into the lower sheet without piercing it.

Speed and quiet operation are features of each system. Typical riveting cycle time ranges from 1.0 to 4 seconds.

HSPR has a number of advantages over other joining techniques, such as welding and blind riveting:

  • joins a range of dissimilar materials such as:
    • steel
    • aluminium
    • plastics
  • joins multiple material stacks
  • non-thermal process – can be used after coating or painting with virtually no aesthetic or other damage
  • low energy demands
  • fast cycle times
  • operator and environment friendly; no heat, fumes, sparks or waste
  • repeatable quality
  • visually checkable joint
  • compatible with adhesives and lubricants
  • automatic rivet feed allows continuous production
What is HSPR