What is Steel Storage Racking, and why inspect?

What is Steel Storage Racking? Steel storage racking is a common product used all around the world.

It is used in many environments including warehousing and indeed retail operations. Steel Storage Racking is predominantly constructed of "cold formed steel". This means that the steel is not heat treated to achieve the final shape that it appears in. Racking structures can be painted or galvanised for outdoor use (such as garden areas).

Why Inspect?

Racking is designed to deal with downwards forces. As such knocks or bumps to any of the horizontal elements can massively reduce the loading capacity of the rack. Indeed significant damage can lead to a racking collapse. Additionally the product that is stored on or in the racking system can potentially cause injuries. Damaged or incorrectly secured pallets or product that is not stored correctly on a pallet can fall from the racking system and cause an injury or damage.

Inspection identifies risk areas and existing damage that needs rectification works to avoid this.

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