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What’s Moisture Costing your Operation?

Supplier: Callidan Instruments
11 May, 2009

Poor moisture management is a major cause of processing inefficiency, product non-conformance, price reductions and foregone revenue. Despite this, many companies fail to appreciate the real cost associated with inadequate monitoring and control of moisture during processing, handling and transport, and in the final product.

Moisture Management Specialists Callidan Instruments manufacture a wide range of online moisture analysers utilizing microwave technology to accurately determine percentage moisture.  Practical applications include:

• Control of filter presses and centrifuges in dewatering processes
• Optimizing the resident time in dryers, mixers, granulators and cookers
• Precision addition and extraction of water to optimize equipment performance
• Precision addition and extraction of water to meet product contractual obligations with respect to maximum allowable moisture
• Addition and extraction of water to comply with environmental and OHS obligations such as dust control and safe materials handling
• Control of critical moisture levels in pelletizing and sintering applications
• Calculating BTU's and controlling addition of feed stock in power generation
• Dry Tonnage Calculation for Product Reconciliation
• Calculation of dry weight equivalents for blend ratio determination
• Activation of diverters for grading or materials

Models are available to measure moisture on:

• Belt conveyors
• Pipe conveyors
• Screw feeders/augers
• Vertical/rotary disc filters
• Horizontal belt filters
• Hoppers/chutes
• Ovens & dryers
• Storage bins/silo's

Moisture Management Checklist

Does your operation experience any of the following moisture-related inefficiencies?

? Hold ups, clogging or fouling of machinery caused by material that is too wet or too dry.
? Unnecessary production costs associated with over or under dosing or dispersing of moisture.
? Inefficiencies resulting from less-than-optimum plant operating decisions based on inadequate or incorrect moisture information.
? Increased out-of-spec product and/or product rework caused by time delays between obtaining the results of manual sampling for moisture and taking corrective action.
? Product being rejected.
? Increased transport costs caused by shipping water rather than product.
? Payment penalties imposed on product with over-spec moisture.
? Foregone revenue from selling product with moisture content that is under-spec.
? Overheads associated with manual sampling.
? Tonnage anomalies due to moisture that occur along the value chain, causing disputes between business units and depriving management of accurate key performance information.

To help you quantify the cost of moisture to your operation and the potential savings from implementing online moisture analysis and control, Callidan Instruments has developed a Benefit-Cost Calculator. 

To obtain a copy contact Callidan at moistscan-sales@callidan.com or phone Callidan on +61  7 4955 5966.