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What to look out for when purchasing drop deck trailers

Supplier: Ultimate Trailers Australia
09 August, 2013

Whether you are purchasing a semi trailer or drop deck trailers, it is of paramount importance to understand and look out for certain points, as it could well lead to a wrong choice.

Think and discuss the following points before closing the deal:

Paint – it's not just about the appearance of the trailer, all our Ultimate Trailers are coated with two coats of rust primer and three coats of epoxy two-pack to protect the longevity of our Units.

Materials used and frame structure – Ultimate Trailers use a Q345 high tensile steel chassis on all our trailers, this ensures structural integrity where it matters.

Spring strength – strength of the springs determines how safe the contents on the Trailers will be carried. We use K-Hitch suspension systems on all our trailers.

Wheels – usually wheels of 13 inch size are used for small trailers and 14 inches for big trailers. Discuss your requirements so that the trailer suits your applications.

Lights – we use dual voltage 12 or 24 volt LED lighting on all our trailers, these simple and affective lights last the journey and are cost easy to replace.

Deck sizes – 45-68ft extendable trailer size is a practical and functional trailer length. This is particularly important when buying drop deck trailers for sale.

Consider these factors before purchasing an Ultimate Trailer.

We provide our customers with well designed and engineered trailers that are suited to the Australian market.

Any advice or information that you require can be achieved by calling John or Jim, they will assist you in your purchase and deliver the Ultimate trailer for the job.