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Wheel Assembly - Mining

Supplier: Setco Australia

With the mining industry being so cut-throat for production, no mining company can afford to have idle machinery due 100% avoidable tyre failures.

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What Setco can do for you .

Any downtime is damaging to an operation, with the potential to be catastrophic. Setco can avoid this scenario as all Setco tyres are solid. No 200 PSI inflated tyres waiting to explode with the slightest cut. Setco assemblies are shredded wire reinforced, all solid rubber.

  • By using Setco Australia's no fuss tyre replacement program, all tyre rebuilds can be done prior to any problems ever developing.
  • 100% natural rubber compounds combined with wire shreds mean a robust "go anywhere" solution to conventional tyres.
  • Being rubber, Setco tyres don't absorb liquids when cut, so they won't deteriorate or rot.
  • If you use chains on your machines, now is a good time to switch to Setco tyres as chains can last 200% to 300% longer.
  • Setco Australia can custom engineer axle, rim and hub assemblies for use with trailers. All this can be assured at the lowest cost making Setco the industry leaders.
  • Our engineering team have the expertise to customise all aspects of the wheel assembly to provide the greatest possible load capacity. Tyre width, tyre depth and rim design can all be altered to give optimal results. Even the tyre compound can be altered to dissipate more heat.