Wheel load scales for checking axle weights

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Gary Bryant
09 August, 2011

The Road Guardian wheel load scales utilise advanced weighing technology for improved truck axle weighing accuracy to ensure axle loadings can be easily acquired.

The Road Guardian Wheel Load Scales are now available from eight Accuweigh branches across Australia. The low height profile of 32mm allows these wheel load scales to minimise potential weighing errors caused by out of level wheels/axles. The low profile also makes for easy truck access both on and off the wheel load scales to significantly reduce the chance of damage to both the truck and axle scales.

Each wheel load scale weight only 15kg to allow it to be easily manhandled due to its full aluminium construction with an integrated weighing indicator powered by six AA-size batteries for full portability.The weight of each wheel is displayed on an easy to read alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD) with integral backlighting for use in low light or night-time operation. The digital indicator allows the operator to display the weight of each individual platform or the combined weight of all platforms.

The Road Guardian wheel load scales are available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 platform systems to accommodate a variety of different weighing configurations and can be expanded to interconnect up to 16 platforms in to a single weighing system.

The junction box allows up to six platforms to be interconnected for combined weight reading ability and for recharging the internal batteries of wheel load scales at once.

Accuweigh has extensive industry experience with all facets of vehicle weighing and has a diverse range of products for checking vehicle axle loadings including wheel load scales, weighbridges and onboard vehicle weighing systems.