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Wheel Loaders | Hitachi ZW140

Supplier: Hitachi Construction Machinery

The Hitachi ZW140 wheel loaders is packed with numerous innovative technologies and mechanisms.

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The Hitachi ZW140 wheel loaders feature:

  • Increased productivity with advanced HST system, an Hitachi original technology: optimum traction force can be selected to suit job needs by electronic matching control. The HST system is further improved for increased job efficiency
  • Four work modes selectable to suit job needs: On the ZW140, four work modes are selectable according to job requirements and operator's preference. In each work mode, electronic matching control, originally developed by Hitachi, detects the pressure of the implement, and controls the torque of travel motor to best match traction force and breakout force. This increases production per unit of fuel
  • Matching control: traction force and front pressure are well balanced by work mode. If you need big traction force, select the P mode
  • 2-motor HST system for powerful acceleration and higher travel speed (maximum 39 km/h): the two-motor HST system is newly developed to achieve high-efficient operation in a wide speed range. For instance, at a low speed, two motors yield high traction torque, while at a high speed, a single motor allows for high travel speed of 39 km/h. Moreover, this system makes possible easy slope climbing and smooth acceleration/deceleration with the accelerator pedal only
  • Throttle limit for higher fuel efficiency: the throttle limit cuts maximum engine speed by 10% for higher fuel efficiency. For the HST system, maximum traction force is not reduced with the reduction in engine speed
  • Smooth speed shift by electronic control: speed shift can be continuously made by electronic control through the 2-motor HST system comprising helical gears. This allows for speedy job-to-job travel with less soil spills in load-and-carry operation
  • High-torque engine: The new engine is ruggedly designed to yield big torque with less vibration for increased durability. This facilitates climbing steep slopes and long uphills with limited speed drop. This engine is a clean engine that complies with the latest global emission regulations
  • Torque proportional differential: the torque proportional differential adjusts driving forces to both wheels. When road resistances under both wheels are different, this feature minimizes slippage of a wheel on softer ground, unlike conventional differentials. This feature enables the ZW series to get out of swamps or rough terrain easily
  • Limited slip differential: on snowy roads and rough terrain, the limited slip differential can work instead of the torque proportional differential. This delivers effective driving force to both wheels for enhanced grip and less slippage during travel