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Where to Start?

Supplier: Solaray
18 November, 2010

When you deal with Solaray, we will go through the following process.

With no contracts or commitments until you are completely satisfied with what you will be buying, how and when it will be installed and what you can expect after the installation.

STEP 1: Call or email for initial information
The first step is to contact Solaray so we can provide you with some
initial information, answer any questions you may have and discuss the suitablity of your property for Solar Power.

We will do an initial evaluation and if appropriate arrange a site visit for one of our consultants to confirm details of your property.

STEP 2: Site visit to check suitability
A site visit by one of the Solaray team will usually take around 30-40 minutes and include an evaluation of the property, its orientation to the sun, any shade or other location factors and your building's suitability for a Solar Power System.

During this visit, we will explain all you need to know about Solar Power, government incentives, available solutions and the installation process.

We will leave you with some information and will then prepare a report with all the information you will need (including rebates, product information, installation timing and process) and include a fixed price quote (we do not charge for add-ons or hidden extras).

STEP 3: Paperwork
If and when you are happy to proceed, we arrange all paperwork that is needed to install the system, receive any available government incentives, and connect your new system to the electricity grid.

We will plan an installation date and provide you with all the information you need to have your system installed.

STEP 4: Installation
Our certified installers will install your system on the scheduled day. This usually takes a day or less depending on your rooftop and the location of switch boxes.

When the installation is complete, the installer will help you understand the changes to your electricity systems.

STEP 5: Connecting to the electricity grid
Soon after installation (depending on your electricity supplier), we will arrange for your new system to be connected to the electricity grid.
From that point on, you will be earning a reduction in your electricity bills (and potentially cash) for the electricity your new Solar Power System generates as you feed power back into the grid.

STEP 6: After installation
After the system is installed, the Solaray team are always available to answer any further questions you may have, deal with any issues that may arise with the equipment or assist in any other way you may need. Our primary measure of success is that all is working as planned and that you are happy with your system.

For more information, please contact us.