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Which oil and fuel absorbent should I use? Choose wisely & save costs

Supplier: Global Spill Control
18 July, 2018

By choosing the correct oil and fuel pads you can stick to budget, help the environment by preventing unnecessary waste and take up less shipping and storage space.

First things first, what are oil and fuel absorbents?

Oil and fuel absorbents are also known as oil-only or hydrocarbon pads, these absorbent sheets of poly are manufactured to soak up anything that's hydrocarbon-based. Oil and fuel absorbents effectively only absorb the hydrocarbon component and repel water which is ideal for soaking up spills where oils may be mixed in with water or other substances. They are designed to float on top of water bodies making them also ideal for dealing with spills in the rain and wet areas such as ponds, sumps, canals etc. 

So, what's the difference?

The key difference between standard and heavy duty pads is no surprise. The heavy duty pads are thicker and therefore absorb more liquid per pad. This however doesn't make them better in all cases...

The standard duty pads are more lightweight and flexible, able to reach into corners. This makes them a great alternative to rags which don't actually absorb much at all. In comparison, heavy duty absorbents are thicker therefore stronger making them great on the ground in wet areas or foot traffic thoroughfares. 

Standard duty pads are great for day-to-day spills, general maintainence likewiping down tools and machinery in a warehouse, workshop or light automotive areas. Where as heavy duty pads are remarkable for big messes in heavy industrial areas like lubricant or fuel storage and dispensing areas, or big users of hydraulic equipment. Of course, we also stock larger and more options to cater to your absorbent needs.


So there you go – a quick overview of what oil and fuel pads are and the key differences between the two. The next question now is: which one do you need? Can you save yourself some storage space and pennies in the process? Contact us for more information on selecting your perfect absorbent pad today!