Who are building designers?

Supplier: LAW Building Design
20 November, 2012

Whether building a new home, renovating or developing it is important that you receive the right advice.

Finding the right person to advise you is the most significant step you will take. It is important to realise that good design doesn’t necessarily cost you more money but enhances your investment.

Poor design wastes your money and reduces your capital. A building designer will work with you to enhance your lifestyle or to create an efficient and visually exciting home or workplace. A building designer will work hard to determine the most cost-effective, user-friendly, energy-efficient building and can manage every aspect of your project.

Some of the benefits of engaging the services of a fully accredited building designer include: Building Designers Australia (BDA) is the peak coordinating body for Building Designers Associations in Australia; BDA is recognised as a proactive leader on issues affecting the built environment and the building industry with over 2000 members throughout Australia; and the skills of building designers in the analysis and design of residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings provides the eventual clients with the experience in project evaluation, design development and project documentation necessary to achieve development approval and enhanced built project outcomes beneficial to locality and the environment.

Government and other peak industry bodies estimate that building designers prepare over 80 per cent of all design documentation submitted for building approval.

We design better buildings for you! BDA members can produce the design for your residential, commercial or industrial project. BDA members see things from your point of view and put many years of practical experience into shaping your project.

Why use a building designer? A building designer can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your building site and your existing home, in the case of an addition or renovation. Based on this information, they can then discuss with you how your required outcomes can best be achieved.

The BDA recognises the importance and need for professional development as an ongoing commitment for members and regularly provides informative professional development seminars to ensure that they, and their clients, are kept abreast of industry innovation and regulation.

Louise Williams advises that when you consider the services of a Building Designer that they are accredited and belong to an industry recognised organisation.

Louise is an active member of the Building Designers Association and was President of the Central Coast Branch of the Building Designers Association NSW from 2005 to 2010.

Louise has been designing buildings for over 25 years. Louise is a fully Accredited Building Designer NSW, Accredited Building Practitioner Tasmania and is also is a Green Smart professional.

LAW Building Design is a multi award winning company that specialises in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Region. We also cover a large area of NSW and interstate. Our building designs are tailored to meet your needs whilst offering unique features. Our designs are energy efficient and no two designs are the same.