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Why businesses choose metal and button badges

Supplier: Signal Advantage
03 April, 2013

Metal and button badges are popular around Australia and have been for quite some time.

There are some good reasons why people choose metal and button badges over other promotional items. If you know that you want some kind of promotional tool or badge for your company, yet you are not sure what that may be, consider metal and button badges. There are many reasons why so many people choose metal and button badges each year.

Regardless of which major city you walk into throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, you are bound to find someone wearing metal and button badges. People use metal and button badges for a variety of reasons, including:


Many businesses like to use metal and button badges as a promotional item because they are affordable. When deciding what to use for your next promotional piece consider what your budget is and the cost of each of the options. You may find that the metal and button badges provide a solid option that will not take up your entire budget. The metal and button badges are affordable, yet they look professional and serve the purpose you want.

Shelf life

Metal and button badges last for a long time. Whether you are buying them for your employees or for those attending a conference or trade show, they will have a long shelf life. This is good to know because it means there is an increased chance that others will see it, further helping to get your company name and image out there.

Return on investment

Since the metal and button badges are affordable and yet still effective, they provide a good return on investment. If you haven’t tested metal and button badges before you should consider trying them. You will be surprised at just how much people like them and how little effort went into you making sure you had them ready to hand out.


For every business in Australia this is an important one. Every business needs to place a focus on branding. The metal and button badges help with your branding efforts. They look nice, display your logo in a professional and easy to see manner, and will help create brand awareness. That is something every business wants.


People tend to avoid using something that is complicated. The metal and button badges are simple. They are easy to order, easy to hand out to people, and easy for them to use the metal and button badges. When you give people a promotional item that is easy to use they are more likely going to use it. Metal and button badges keep it simple, increasing the chances that someone will use them.

If you decide to give metal and button badges a try it is important to opt for professionally made ones. That way your logo looks good and it further helps with your company branding efforts. There may be thousands of promotional items to choose from, but metal and button badges are something that never goes out of style.

People have been using them for many years and still enjoy them today. While opting for a promotional item that is a fad can end up wasting money, you simply can’t go wrong with the value that metal and button badges provide.

Metal and button badges have proven for years that they are more than just a fad!