Why choose Cantilever racking for your storage requirements?

With so many options for Industrial Storage and racking it is often confusing to know which option to choose to receive maximum benefits for your warehouse.

Cantilever racking has become the popular choice, for the storage of a variety of different applications due to the flexibility to store any type of load. Cantilever is particularly useful for storing long, bulky, and odd shaped loads of stock. With no front column in the way, loads may be placed anywhere within the length of a row; and, cantilever racks are more associable for loading and unloading and this reduces time and costs involved with handling.

The cost benefits of cantilever increase as the length of the cantilever increases, while standard selective racking costs may increase with additional columns and rows. With increased access to store items anywhere in cantilever racks, the adaptable space offers many advantages. The use of additional arms may be adjusted to suit all shapes and sizes of stored items and configured to suit the storage requirements without compromising overall strength of the system.

Meca racking solutions offers over 20 years of design and engineering experience, providing expert solutions to complex storage requirements. Applications include: Building Materials, Plywood, rolls, extrusions, conduit, pallets, doors, windows, boxes, tubes, pipes, sheet steel, concrete, furniture, lumbar, appliances, cars and automotive parts, and many more. Contact our offices for more information.