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Why Choose Self-Adhesive Labels ?

Supplier: Ching Teng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
06 November, 2018

Most consumers like the new stuff, it drives the product packaging needs to be renewed frequently in order to attract consumers.

However, in the event of uncertainty market response, if invested a lot of money into the production of packaging (such as custom-made ejected plastic containers) in the beginning, it may cause loss and waste. At this time, the label is the best choice. 

The most common types of labels in the market are self-adhesive labels, non-self-adhesive labels, and shrink labels.

Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are time-effective and cost-effective marketing tool that can be used on any kind of product material and can be custom produced to fit on all shapes and sizes. Self-adhesive labels also provide the convenience for application. They can be supplied perfectly suited for hand or manual application and automatic labeling machine. 

Non-self-adhesive labels

The advantage of non-self-adhesive labels is low unit price but the material options are not many, mainly is paper. Furthermore, due to the limited by the labeling applicator, the shape of the labels can’t be diverse.

Shrink labels

About Shrink labels, the printing plate cost is expensive, usually the supplier will ask for minimum order quantity for production arrangement, and the material is almost transparent film. Thus, if the demand quantity is not many, the unit price will be very high. Or if the product designs need to change very often, it is also not economy for choosing the shrink film packaging.

Ching Teng specializes in self-adhesive labels printing and manufacturing.

With over 17 years of label printing experience, we are familiar with various material and surface finishing application.  And by our color management system, we are aware how to have a good display of your designed artwork in different materials. We can assist to create the best labels that demonstrating the good quality of your products.