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Why coolroom hygiene is often neglected

Supplier: Jaymak
10 August, 2010

Coolroom hygiene in today’s environment is often neglected.


  • Time and resources are often allocated to other areas of the business.
  • The daily grind of doing business is hard enough.
  • I do not have the staffing numbers or time.
  • Too hard to empty the coolroom.
  • Too many deliveries arriving today.
  • I do not want untrained staff touching mechanical equipment.
  • I will fix it when or if it breaks.
  • The food will be cooked so it is not a problem.
  • I do not want to spend the money (budgeting).
  • It is someone else's responsibility.
  • No one has ever said anything about this before.
  • I will only do something if a health inspector tells me. Coolrooms (especially fan units) are a forgotten area in regular cleaning and hygiene control. The best and most cost effective answer is regular and periodic cleaning and sanitising using advanced mould remediation strategies.

The methods chosen need to:

  1. Be based on the information gathered during a site inspection.
  2. Produce the least amount of VOCs, MVOCs and other toxins into the atmosphere.
  3. Be environmentally and asset safe.
  4. Be only performed by trained mould & bacteria remediation specialists.

Cleaning and sanitising

  • The quality of food products and their safety will be compromised unless cleaning is carried out and monitored effectively within all areas of the food coolroom. Minimising water during cleaning is vital to ensure mould does not re-establish in higher concentrations over time. An effective sanitiser that is non-corrosive, low in toxicity and imparts no flavours or lingering smells should be used to ensure OH&S requirements are met.

A planned cleaning system, diligently operated and effectively monitored:

  • Reduces the risk of food poisoning by removing food residues which may result in or attract harmful bacteria.
  • Reduces the risk of foreign materials contaminating food products which may result in possible complaints from and injury to customers.
  • Reduces the risk of pest harbourage and infestation.
  • Improves the appearance of your storage area.
  • Promotes hygiene awareness among staff.
  • Improves customer appreciation.
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements.
  • All parts of the food coolroom structure and all equipment within it must be regularly cleaned.