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Why oil analysis?

Supplier: GE Energy Services
25 March, 2013

Reliability of plant is vital to all utilities, industrial and mining companies alike, and power transformers play a critical role within the substations and power plants providing electrical power to processes and people.

The consequences of neglecting these valuable assets are often catastrophic and very expensive, not just in terms of the capital lost by the failure of a transformer but for the costs associated with the service disruption.

Insulating liquid sampling and analysis provides an insight into the "health" status of a particular unit.

When combined with other electrical tests and sound engineering knowledge, Oil Analysis can provide a very powerful tool to diagnose and assess the condition of each unit.

Who we are?

General Electric (GE) Energy Services draws from 30-plus years of expertise in the electrical machinery industry and the combination of two companies responsible for providing energy solutions to thousands of customers around the world.

With the introduction of the power transformers division, GE brings to the market one of the most modern Liquid Insulation Laboratories in Australia.

Equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments and highly qualified chemists, the Liquid Insulation Laboratory is able to provide a large processing capacity with robust accuracy, suitable to meet the most stringent demand.

All testing is performed in accordance with NATA's accreditation requirements.

The Liquid Insulation Laboratory is accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation Number: 16777.

Coupled with these capabilities, GE's extensive expertise in researching, designing, manufacturing and servicing Power Transformers provides an in-depth assessment of the condition of your transformers.

GE is capable of providing support to customers with needs ranging from a single unit to a fleet with hundreds of units, taking into consideration every possible factor that will provide a comprehensive evaluation and prioritisation of the maintenance work needed on each one.