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Why Rent Mats ?

Supplier: Prestige Rental Mats
05 June, 2008


  • Reduced cleaning costs as 80% of the dirt brought into a building is trapped by the mats.
  • No capital outlay in purchasing new mats
  • No repair or replacement costs
  • No internal handling by staff


  • Clean and dry floors provide a safe work area
  • Mats are slip resistant
  • Mats will control spillage by absorbing moisture
  • Safety message mats provide safety reminders
  • Mats will dissipate static electricity


  • Modern, attractive mat colors will compliment work area
  • Custom logo mats enhance company image
  • Regular exchanges and laundering keep mats looking and performing better


  • Mats prevent tired feet at work areas
  • Unstressed employees improve moral and productivity
  • Mats will insulate against cold floors


  • Mats will save daily wear and tear on carpet areas
  • Mats will prolong the finish on tiled floors

Cross section of mat fibres show distinctly why rental mats are more functional and effective in trapping dirt, compared to purchased mats which lack functionality over time.