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Why Solar?

Supplier: Solaray
18 November, 2010

We are all aware that using Solar Power delivers major benefits to the environment and the community.

Solar Power reduces carbon emissions, provides an ongoing renewable source of clean energy and that once installed, a solar power system continues to generate electricity day after day, with no negative environmental impact.

However, many Australians are not aware that the Federal and State Governments are encouraging both small and large power users to install Solar Power Systems to reduce our reliance on coal powered and other sources of 'dirty' power.

Today, there are significant rebates available that make both the installation and ongoing use of a Solar Power System very attractive. In many cases, the cost of installing a system can be met either partially or wholly by ongoing reductions in electricity bills. As Energy Retailers buy the electricity you generate, depending on individual circumstances, some customers even generate income from the solar power system.

As each situation is different, one of our trained team can work through with you your current electricity usage and map out the impact of installing a Solar Power System on both your energy usage and the environment.

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