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Why use cleaning cards?

Supplier: Jabac
20 March, 2013

Cleaning Cards prolong equipment life; just like changing the oil in a car the regular use of a cleaning card removes dirt from inside of your equipment.

  • Cleaning cards can prolong equipment life and reduce capital expenditure
  • Cleaning cards can reduce maintenance fees
  • Cleaning cards can reduce equipment downtime
  • Cleaning cards can increase customer loyalty with fast efficient transactions
  • Choose the proper cleaning card for your equipment

The dirt which accumulates over time can result in a transaction to fail and possibly damage the equipment.

Cleaning Cards reduce maintenance fees

Cleaning cards are the fastest low cost maintenance person around, kind of like a maintenance man in your cash draw. If the POS card reader begins failing, take out a cleaning card and run it through the reader. Eighty per cent of read errors can be eliminated from just a swipe of the cleaning card.

Cleaning cards reduce equipment downtime

Why wait for a new card equipment to be delivered or installed? Transaction equipment can often get back into service within seconds with a cleaning card. Increase customer loyalty with fast efficient transactions.

Customers don't like waiting to pay you. The faster you can satisfy your customer by sending them on their way the more likely they will return to do business again.

Whatever the transaction, customers reward efficiency and speed. This includes transactions with: credit cards, cheque scans, vending machines, lottery tickets, bus tickets. Just to name a few. Best of all they are cheap.